Even after 25 years still the best kept secret! Nestled in the Mediterranean-Lido Marina Village overlooking Newport Harbor, this locally acclaimed restaurant serves variety of food from the Mediterranean coast. You can feast on such delights like Greek mousakka, Italian pasta and pizza, French cassoulet, Spanish paella, Lebanese hummus and Turkish gyro to name of the few delicacies that have been served over the years. The ambiance is second to none, with our international music, fresh flowers and breath taking view of the Newport Beach marina, enjoyed both indoors as well as on heated patio. Our elegant but simple interior seating is surrounded with wine racks full of wines from around the world. Enjoy one of the most romantic dining experiences, with the charm of a European Bistro and the gourmet menu of a five-star restaurant.
Come and see us and bring your appetite, Le Bistro is ready to please.
Bon Appetit!

Owners Jack & Joseph